Escape Artists Rolling Out Associate Editor Pay
Starting In January

Escape Artists, the sff podcast platform, announced they will start paying their Associate Editors beginning in 2021.

Co-Publisher Marguerite Kenner acknowledges:

Too few genre publications pay their associate editors. We know it’s a struggle. We also know its a struggle that can be overcome, and is a vital part of demonstrating that every contribution to a creative project is worthy of respect, recognition, and pay. Compensate the Creative is one of EA’s core values and we are delighted (and, to be honest, relieved) that every single member of the EA team will be receiving pay for their contributions.

EA credits audience support for making this possible.

It has also been a year of remarkable generosity. We are incredibly fortunate and honored that so many of our audience have chosen to support us in such turbulent circumstances, many increasing longstanding donations or making first-time contributions. We received floods of messages sharing how our stories were part of coping mechanisms, offering much needed stress relief and escapism. And the effect of this generosity has been the ability to do something we’ve been longing to do for a very long time:

They also hope to improve compensation down the line

Our Patreon goal in pursuit of associate editor pay remains unchanged. This rollout doesn’t represent the full level of pay we’d like to be able to provide. But as most creatives know, starting can be the most difficult part of any project, and so we’re using this opportunity — this imperative — to get started.

[Based on a press release.]

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