Eugie Foster Award Gears Up for 2017

Keep in mind the Eugie Foster Memorial Award for Short Fiction. Matthew M. Foster announces:

We are active again and will present the award at the Awards Banquet at Dragon Con. We are currently receiving nominations from editors and publishers of professional publications. We are interested in connecting up with a few additional reviewers to make sure we are covering the anthology and non-traditional publishing markets.

Eligible works are original speculative short fiction stories no longer than 20,000 words published for the first time in the English language in the previous year (2016).

This is a juried award, that begins with a long list of nominations coming from publishers and editors, supplemented by choices of select readers. A selection committee of spec fiction fans picks the finalists. The winner is chosen by a panel of judges.

Individuals who are interested in becoming reviewers for the award can reach Foster at [email protected], which is used for all award communication.

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4 thoughts on “Eugie Foster Award Gears Up for 2017

  1. James Davis Nicoll: Would I be a good fit for this?

    It’s a short fiction award, and I’m more familiar with your reviews of novels. If your short fiction reading is as wide-ranging as it is in novels, then you’re probably the kind of person they want to help them extend their coverage.

  2. My reading of short pieces is limited to anthologies and collections. I dropped out of reading commercial short SF in the 1990s for annoying magazine distributor consolidation reasons.

    (Instead of a local guy, I had to deal with a big company who had a lot of automatic policies they claimed to be unable to change. The really annoying one was if you had 100% sell through, they would up your order. Sure, returns, but they got to use your money for the return period)

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