Evelyn Leeper’s Too-Hip Blog

When fanwriter Evelyn Leeper broke her hip on March 20, her husband Mark decided the best way for them to keep all their friends updated was to start a blog.

Mark wrote the first post from the emergency room of Bayshore Hospital.

Evelyn fell off the bottom step of the attic steps in our garage, hit her head, and it looks like she broke her hip. Right now I am waiting for her to return from the x-rays.

Evelyn began adding to the blog while she was still in the hospital. Now she’s back home but the recovery process has been painful, as she describes in her May 14 entry:

Leg pains (including knee pains and hip pains) come and go. I suspect the knee pains may be if I sit on a low couch, or drive some distance, with my leg bent for long periods of time. There is less pain from twisting around, though, so it seems things are improving. I can actually sleep on my side, somewhat curled up (which had been my favorite position for sleeping before all this).

Here’s wishing Evelyn a rapid and complete recovery with freedom from pain.

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3 thoughts on “Evelyn Leeper’s Too-Hip Blog

  1. As a fellow member of the League of Fractured Fans, I hope she recovers quickly and without complications. (I should find out sometime this coming week whether I’ll be getting a complete re-do of my shoulder surgery from last December’s fall. It’s a pain — literally — when the initial surgery doesn’t get the results hoped for.)

  2. Just a quick note to point out that Mark did all the work of setting up the blog, and most of the writing, so he needs to get the credit. (Trying to accomplish anything creative in a nursing home setting, even when you’re alert, is a problem, as I indicate in the blog. We did manage to get the MT VOID out every week on schedule, though.)

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