Fanzines at Harvard

By Susan de Guardiola: Earlier this year, Harvard’s Houghton Library (their rare book depository) put on an exhibit on self-publishing which, among many other interesting zines, featured a few sfnal ones.  Apparently Harvard alumnus Paul Clarkson ’57 was a fan and left his collection to the university.  Among the fanzines in the exhibit was one by Ted White that is not in the Fancyclopedia.

About the exhibit: “Do It Yourself! Self-Publishing from Letterpress to LaserJet”

My photos of the SF zines:

Apologies for the weird angles; all the cases were directly under fancy chandeliers which made it hard to get photos without reflections.

If anyone is interested in viewing the collection, I read regularly at Houghton and can help them through the procedures.  Seems like some fanhistorian ought to dig into this, if it hasn’t already been done.

The finding aid for the full fanzine collection (with list): “Collection: Science fiction fanzines and prozines”.

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4 thoughts on “Fanzines at Harvard

  1. Rich –
    Houghton doesn’t really have the staff for volunteer projects. (or anyone else) could try ordering scans of individual zines, but they may run into copyright restrictions. I don’t work much with 20th century material, so I’m not sure how copyright applies to zines. I could inquire.

    There are other universities with considerably larger fanzine collections, too.

    Note that the finding aid indexes contributors for each zine (though not by individual issue), so the search function turns up some interesting names.

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