Filers at Worldcon 75

By Hampus Eckerman: Less than one month to Worldcon 75. In a couple of days, Worldcon 75 is going to publish a restaurant guide to help those who want to plan a pub meet. The area around the convention center caters mostly to lunch restaurants that close around 19:00, so that guide will be very helpful.

I have tried to list all the major events during the days here and also the panels I have seen filers scheduled to participate in. (See below.) This, so it will be easier to detect possible times for meetups. I have left out filers that uses nicks here. Please, write in the comments if you want to be added. Also, comment if I have missed out on some panels with filers in them.

Based on the schedule below, my recommendation is:


12:00 – 14:00 Filer Meetup in Convention Center


18:00 – 21:00 Pubmeet (adjustable)


Pre-Hugo Meet? For those who want to go as a group or perhaps eat something together first. Or perhaps a after-Hugo Meet. For those who want to discuss the winners.

I do think Wednesday or Thursday are the only good days for pubmeets. Please write in comment if you think you will come, so I get an idea of how many people who might come if I should need to book tables. Of course, at MAC2 we were at least three times as many people as those I had booked for, but I think we will be a bit fewer here.

As mentioned in a previous filer post, I will have my own exhibit and will most likely spend some time around it if people wants to find me and say hello.


  • 14-15 First Worldcon
  • 15-16 Opening Ceremonies
  • 16-17 Kevin Standlee: How to get the best out of Business Meeting
  • 17-18 Kevin Standlee: WSFS Mark Protection Committee Meeting


  • 10-11 Heather Rose Jones: A Stitch in Time: Historical Fantasy
  • 10-13 Business Meeting
  • 16-17 Lenore Jean Jones: How to Run Your First Convention?
  • 16-17 Greg Machlin: Science Fiction and Fantasy in musical theatre
  • 16-17 Paul Weimer: How to Start a Podcast
  • 17-18 Kevin Standlee: A World of Acclaim: Awards from Around the World


  • 10-11 Greg Hullender: Artificial Intelligence in Real Life and SF
  • 10-13 Business Meeting
  • 13-14 Greg Hullender: Short Fiction
  • 13-14 Heather Rose Jones: Signing
  • 17-18 Kevin Standlee: How to Start a Worldcon Bid
  • 18-19: Kevin Standlee: Friends Don’t Let Friends Run Worldcons
  • 18-19:30 Cora Buhlert and Heather Rose Jones: Alien Language in Science Fiction
  • 19:30-22:30 Hugo Award


  • 10-14 Business Meeting
  • 14-15 Cora Buhlert: Digital Hugo – How Do We Adapt the Hugo Categories to an Increasingly Digital Reality?
  • 18-19:30 Greg Hullender and Cora Buhlert: The State of Machine Translation
  • 19:30-22:30 Masquerade


  • 10-15 Business Meeting
  • 15-16 Heather Rose Jones: History as World-building
  • 16-17 Greg Hullender: The Power of the Reviewer: Promoting and Hiding Diverse Voices

45 thoughts on “Filers at Worldcon 75

  1. Thanks for pulling all that together, Hampus! I am more likely available for Wednesday noon than Thursday evening, but they are both possible. Count me in.

  2. I’m doing the Suomenlinna tour on Wednesday, so I probably can’t do a meet-up them, but I’d definitely be up for a Thursday pub meet-up.

    I wouldn’t mind doing a meet-up either pre or post Hugos either.

  3. Oh, that Digital Hugo panel looks especially interesting. I hope that Cora will write up a summary of it after the con’s over; I would be interested in reading about that discussion.

  4. I’m up for any meet at the convention center and/or pub. My second World Con and first time in Finland (outside the airport, that is.)

  5. Agree with JJ that the Digital Hugo panel sounds interesting, and would love to learn more about it after as well.

  6. Both Wednesday and Thursday are fine for me, since I only have panels on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (according to the info I got from WorldCon 75, though I have to check if that’s still accurate, since Grenadine doesn’t seem to have the Sunday panel).

    I’ll bring my Mom, but she’s housetrained and harmless, though she understands English better than she speaks it these days. I’ll also bring some German chocolate from my hometown for Filers and other friends.

    I’m really happy with the panels I got and will gladly do a write-up (as well as a general “My adventures at WorldCon” post) afterwards.

  7. Thanks for putting this together, Hampus!

    @Cathy Tell me more about this tour. Was it something I missed in the packet or something that you are doing on your own?

    I am also unavailable on a block on Saturday (The Fan Fund Auction. Please come! Please bid!) but Saturday doesn’t seem up for discussion for a meet anyhow

    I vote thursday at the pub, after my panel for a meet.

  8. I’m running a panel on fencing (outdoors, there will be some blunt steel and footwork!), then straight into a panel on computers on cyberpunk, on Friday, 11-12 and 12-13, respectively.

  9. Paul, the email to write is tripsandtours at There’s a description in PR 5 on pages 27-28.

    Cora, yum, chocolate!

  10. Thank you for your update on panel, Ingvar! I will absolutely come and see that.

  11. Thanks for organizing, Hampus!

    I’m scheduling around my and my wife’s travel plans — we’ll be tourist-ing a bunch of the time, and visiting WorldCon other of the time. Meeting up with the Filers is high on my list, and we’re pretty flexible, so I hope I’ll be able to schedule around whatever is chosen so I can join in at least once 😀

  12. (Oh, and I have some various religious restrictions, which I’m not even going to detail because it would be ridiculous to try and work around them. Just saying that upfront, so you’ll know I mean that when I say stuff like “Well, I can’t eat anything but I am totally fine“. I am truly totally fine 😀 )

  13. @Paul – I think at this point it is up on the website somewhere. I first found out about it because I saw a passing mention on the Worldcon 75 facebook page (for once facebook decided to actually show me something relevant to my interests). I emailed saying I hoped it wasn’t too late to sign up and got a reply from Antti Rasinen saying that I was actually the first person to ask.

    Yesterday I got the email about payment for the tour. We’re supposed to have a tour guide or tour guides specifically for our group. I believe the idea was to have the tour done in the 2 or 3 most requested languages.

    I do not know if it is full yet, so it can’t hurt to email the convention and ask.

    we’re supposed to take the 8:50am ferry from Kauppatori and the tour is supposed to last until 10:40am. When we get to Suomenlinna, we’re supposed to look for the Worldcon 75 sign.

  14. @Cathy
    Is that the ghost tour or the island fortress tour?

    @Lenore Jones

    Cora, yum, chocolate!

    I’ve got some local candy, too.

  15. Re: Chocolate. Me, I am hoping my fellow Fan Fund delegate Donna Maree Hanson will bring me some from the antipodes…

  16. Standback:

    Ok, I guess I know what kind of restrictions! Lets see when W75 releases the restaurant guide? The only places I know in Helsinki that have come highly are some russian restaurants, but not sure they are good for pubmeets.

    And I will also bring candy. I live 15 minutes walk from Swedens largest candy store.

  17. @Cora – the island fortress tour.

    And given that it ends earlier than I originally thought, I can probably make a wednesday meet-up

  18. Yay!

    And it should have said “highly recommended” in my previous comment.

  19. I’ll be traveling with various other people, and the only thing at Worldcon I really truly have to go to is the Thursday 1pm/1300 showing of a documentary that I am in. I will probably also go to the Alien Language panel, as well as some other language-oriented panels. And the Hugos and the Masquerade.

  20. Ok, seems like most people can do either wednesday or thursday or both. Excellent! I’ll bring my father and brother too and possibly some swedes I know should be there.

  21. I wish I could meet Cora’s mother; she and I share a lot of taste in books. And meet other Filers too. Next year in San Jose!

    Want to get a report on and/or video of Cora and Heather’s panel!

    Also, I’ll want links to photos of the island fortress.

  22. @lurkertype If I do get to go to the fortress, photos from that will be in the general run of pictures I take and share from the trip! 🙂

  23. Depending on wakefulness (Wednesday) or what I’m doing con-wise (Thursday), I may attend one or both. Er, also depending on shyness (mine). Probably more likely to stop by Wednesday, TBH.

    Thanks @Hampus Eckerman for organizing and @Mike Glyer for putting up his post, hosting our chattering, etc. 😀

  24. @lurkertype

    I wish I could meet Cora’s mother; she and I share a lot of taste in books. And meet other Filers too. Next year in San Jose!

    I’ll let her know.

    Want to get a report on and/or video of Cora and Heather’s panel!

    I’m sure one of us can get at least a report done, maybe even a video.

  25. @Paul (and info for other filers).

    As you may have found out when you registered for the [English speaking?] Suomenlinna guided tour, it is so popular it has been split into two groups leaving at different times.

    The first group (according to Cathy above) need to catch the 8.50am ferry.

    The second group (according to the mail I got when I registered) need to catch the 9.20am ferry.

    Hope this helps,


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  27. The mail I got said that it was fully booked. So I may have missed both…

  28. Hullo, Hampus. I will at minimum join the throng for the Filer meetup and the pub meet, and will see about getting my wife Deirdre to join us if she wishes — assuming the WSFS Business Meeting doesn’t engulf the convention and surrounding metropolitan area. Pre- or post-Hugo gathering sounds likely, too.

  29. I’ll be at con, but should be occupied pre- and post- Hugo Ceremony. The reason being why I can propose a meetup for next year at San Jose’s Hugo Ceremony; I’ll be running SJ’s. : -)

  30. I’ll actually be volunteering on Wednesday 10-14 (and a few other shifts – I was told that volunteering is a good way to stay busy and meet people!) so I will miss the Wednesday Filer Meetup. I should be able to join the Pubmeet on Thursday!

  31. I probably can’t do Wednesday because due to last minutes change of plans I will be arriving Wednesday afternoon

  32. I saw on Twitter that our favourite Wombat has been delayed 24 hours – here seems a good a place as any to mention this.

  33. I’m really booked (on staff plus Business Meeting) but will drop by Hampus’s exhibit off and on.

  34. Hi there, forgot about this post. I will try to book a pub tomorrow. It will be in town, as most places around the convention center closes around 19. I will try to make it as close to the train station as possible.

    Shall we do the filer meetup on wednesday by my exhibit? It is exhibit 39 according to this page, even if a map is still missing. I will ask Mike for a new page when I know what pub we will be at on thursday.

  35. Between Reg and Site Selection I may be stuck all day, but I have to take lunch some time. If I can, I’ll grab lunch and bring it.

  36. We have a booking at Belge Bar & Bistro for 15 persons at 18:30 – 21:30. My idea is that, for those that haven’t already gone to their hotels, we will take the train together as the restaurant is 2-3 blocks from the central railway station. The place is wheelchair accessible.

    For those that arrive a bit earlier, there should be a nice library-themed lounge. I will ask Mike to put up a new post when I have checked out train times from Messukeskus.

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