Final 2015 TAFF Voting Detail

Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund co-administrators Jim Mowatt and Curt Phillips have published the final voting statistics (one vote different that reported here earlier) plus the traditional geographic breakdown in TAFFworld #3. The newsletter also lists all the voters.

Voting Europe NA Other Total
Nina Horvath 30 14 2 46
Wolf von Witting 12 22 1 35
Hold Over Funds 0 1 0 1
No Preference 11 6 1 18
Totals 53 43 4 100

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4 thoughts on “Final 2015 TAFF Voting Detail

  1. Only a hundred voters? I’ll try to make it a point, in the coming year, to join and vote in the next TAFF election… not that I’m likely to know or be qualified to vote for any of the candidates, but “No Preference” is perfectly acceptable.

  2. The worldcon in general seems pervaded by apathy and indifference. Perhaps its time has passed.

  3. Didn’t seem that much of a problem when they had record numbers last year… I think the issue is more likely the location which is, ummm… A brave choice?

    I was only driven to get a membership by the current nonsense and I live in the same State.

  4. TAFF participation varies quite a bit, and a total vote of around 100 isn’t all that unusual, especially when there’s only two candidates.

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