Finding MiracleMan (The Moore’n’Gaiman Pre-Silver Age Issues, That Is)

By Daniel Dern. Item 10 of the May 9 Pixel Scroll, “Glimpse The Next Chapter Of Neil Gaiman And Mark Buckingham’s Groundbreaking Miracleman Saga”, brought good news for us long-time MiracleMan fans. I’ve read one or two of the issues, but decided to wait for the seven-issue run to be collected into book format, and having learned that that’s happened, have just library-reserved it.

For new-to-MiracleMan Filers looking to learn more (as in, read) about What Has Gone Before (which helps you understand the who’s-who along with what-has-gone-before), good news: everything previous (or just about) is easily available, to buy, e-buy, or e-borrow.

This article is mostly WHERE TO FIND IT. I’ll leave “about MiracleMan” info and discussions to others, his Wikipedia page, and other online info. (I’ve included a few links at the bottom, to speed that.)

A BRIEFISH DIGRESSION: HOW I FOUND OUT ABOUT MIRACLEMAN. Back in the mid-80’s, I was working at a place which had Usenet access, and was a regular (mostly reading, occasionally posting) on the rec.arts sf and comics groups, so when Eclipse Comics began printing MiracleMan in 1985 (to oversimplify a bit), I began getting it (via my still-local comics shop, The Outer Limits).

My MiracleMan stash/collection consists of the (I think) full run of the Eclipse comics (and a handful of duplicates), plus four trade paperbacks collecting them:

  • Miracleman Book 1: A Dream of Flying
  • Miracleman Book 2: The Red King Syndrome
  • Miracleman Book 3: Olympus
  • Miracleman Book 4: The Golden Age

(Plus Kimota! The Miracleman Companion, by George Khoury and Alan Moore) (Aha! I see there’s a newer – 2010/2011 vs 2001 – edition, with new material doubling the original’s 100-ish pages.)

As I’ve learned over the past few years, this doesn’t include stuff from Warrior (with MiracleMan and/or WarpSmiths and other “Miracle-verse” stuff). My remedy for that, conveniently, was e-borrowing; I don’t feel the need to get/own ’em all.

ONE BUY/BORROW TO GET (NEARLY) ‘EM ALL. Conveniently, close to the full MiracleMan opus (prior to the new Gaiman Silver Age) is available, not just in individual comics and modest-length book collections, but also in a single large volume, going under the names: Miracleman: The Original Epic and Miracleman Omnibus.

Hardcover book: MIRACLEMAN OMNIBUS. (Finding this as a physical book on is too complicated). Pub: Marvel Universe (October 25, 2022)? 808 pages

“Collects Miracleman Books One Through Three, complete with a massive trove of covers, original artwork and rare features. Collecting Miracleman (1985) #1, #3 and #6-16; Miracleman Special #1 and material from A1 (1989) #1 and WARRIOR #1-18 and #20-21 [as presented in Miracleman (2014) #1-16] – plus ALL-NEW MIRACLEMAN ANNUAL #1.”

Softcover book: MIRACLEMAN ORIGINAL EPIC. 472 pages.

This edition collects the complete original epic (A Dream of Flying, The Red King Syndrome and Olympus) — plus tales of the Warpsmiths and rare Miracleman stories! Collecting MIRACLEMAN (1985) #1, #3 and #6-16; and material from WARRIOR #1-18 and #20-21; MARVELMAN SPECIAL #1 and A1 (1989) #1 [as presented in MIRACLEMAN (2014) #1-16] – plus ALL-NEW MIRACLEMAN ANNUAL #1.

Your public library system may have a physical copy (mine does); they may also have copies of the individual volumes.

E-book to buy or borrow:

Given the near-identical list of contents, it’s not clear why the hardcover is >300 pages longer. Perhaps “a massive trove of covers, original artwork and rare features.”

A FEW MARVEL SINGLE-ISSUES. Here’s the ones I’m aware of:

  • MiracleMan #0 (Marvel)

Worth it, particular for the page of Ty Templeton’s Sunday-Funnies-style parodies: “Doomed. Buried”, “Bates In Hell”, Big Ben In Sleeplyland” and “Kimota Kat”. (Click for larger image.)

Here’s a review that includes some of the art.

  • Miracleman: Marvel Tales (2023) #1. April 26, 2023

“…classic British tales from MIRACLEMAN (1985) #1, WARRIOR #1-11, MARVELMAN SPECIAL #1 and A1 (1989) #1 — restored and refreshed in the pages of MIRACLEMAN (2014) #1-4”

— Available to stream-borrow via

— Kindle And ComiXology (buy e-version):

(Kindle & comiXology )(Oddly, I’m not seeing on Marvel’s site.)

Here’s a PopVerse article about the “Who Is….?” edition.

CAMEOS AND MORE. I’ve spotted at least two) cameos in Marvel, as in, the Marvel Comics universe (yes, I know that’s not specific enough.)

There’s one reference — MiracleMan’s MM costume logo — at the end of Timeless #1 (2021) and it feels like I saw M-Man as part of a group-of-heroes-at-a-funeral panel within the past year.

In 2022, Marvel announced or at least alluded to upcoming MiracleMan reissues and new stuff, along with doing nineteen comic cover variants that included The Miraculous Mr. M. ScreenRant also shows the covers.

For more about MiracleMan (including his comic-industry path):

Dias Ffun’!

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3 thoughts on “Finding MiracleMan (The Moore’n’Gaiman Pre-Silver Age Issues, That Is)

  1. I suspect the full “rights to Miracleman” story (including the Captain Marvel Fawcett-National lawsuit prelude) is used at intellectual property law firms to scare young associates.

    BTW, Alan Moore took his name off the latest reprint.

  2. Given the near-identical list of contents, it’s not clear why the hardcover is >300 pages longer. Perhaps “a massive trove of covers, original artwork and rare features.”

    The review and comments on this page seem to confirm that guess: “Half of the original b&w art is at the back of the book” and “The story itself is not that long tbh, it’s only around 300 pages, but more than half the book is extras (cool) and variant covers”.

    Btw, minor copyediting note: the character’s name (in its post-Warrior form) has always been written as “Miracleman”, not “MiracleMan” as it appears several times here.

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