Footnote on Morojo

Bill Warren writes:

The Classic Horror Film Board is just what its name suggests: a message board for those who like horror movies, particularly the older ones–as well as related stuff. So it’s hardly surprising that Forry Ackerman has often been a subject of discussion there.

Someone started a topic on Forry’s current and probably terminal decline. Lee Harris…says he recently found that Forry’s old girlfriend (circa 1938-1941) was living a block or so away from Bob Burns.

I asked if that was Morojo, Myrtle Douglas, very active in LASFS in the early 1940s, maybe the late 1930s.

To my great surprise, someone replied saying they were Morojo’s niece, and that she died in 1964. This person had never posted on the CHFB before–I wonder how the heck she found us?

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