For Fanzine Fans at Anticipation

Lloyd Penney has an update about the fanzine lounge at Anticipation. It is not in a dedicated room, but “is one part of a larger lounge area the convention is calling the Relax Area.” That’s close to the Art Show. It’s also supposed to be near a concession stand, a necessity because “any budget the fanzine lounge had went to its furnishings.” The area has free WiFi, though Lloyd still needs to determine if webcasting from the lounge is possible. He’d like to have a Ustream event, but no promises.

The hours for the lounge are:
Thursday          11am – 6pm
Fri, Sat, Sun     10am – 6pm
Monday            10am – 4pm

The deadline for submitting zines to the Worldcon apa, WOOF, will be Saturday (August 8) at 2 p.m.

Meanwhile, Cathy Palmer-Lister has scoped out the restaurant where fanzine editors will meet for lunch during Anticipation, on Saturday at 12:30. They’ll dine at the Fourquet Fourchette

a restaurant in the convention centre which serves really interesting food, such as bison, caribou, etc, at very reasonable prices. Unibroue is the beer, and I highly recommend it!

The lunch directly follows the faneds panel. Cathy adds, “The restaurant is usually closed at this hour on Saturday but opened for us, so we really need people to show up!”

Update 08/01/2009:: Note that the date and time of the lunch have been changed since this post — see Faneds Lunch Reset.

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5 thoughts on “For Fanzine Fans at Anticipation

  1. As with Chris, I’d like to be at the lunch, but I’m on the fan writers panel at 2:00 on Saturday (with Chris) and don’t think I can make the 12:30 lunch time.

  2. “He’d like to have a Ustream event, but no promises.”

    Humph. Of course, I’d like all the panels and events streamed, and the parties as well. 🙂

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