Forry Ackerman Passes Away (1916-2008)

Forrest J Ackerman, probably the world’s best-known sf fan, and one of LASFS’ founding members, passed away just before midnight on December 4 due to heart failure.

Ackerman left the hospital in late October, wanting to spend his remaining days at home. He rallied in response to the outpouring of encouragement in notes from fans, surviving to celebrate his 92nd birthday, and nearly two weeks beyond.

Ackerman’s assistant, Joe Moe, issued this e-mail announcement (copied to me by John King Tarpinian):

Dearest friends. At 11:58 last night, Thursday December 4th Forrest J Ackerman passed away quickly and peacefully. I am struggling to give you this information between bouts of profound grief of the sort that you will all be experiencing at the sight of this news. I will give you more details as I’m able. For now, trust me when I tell you he left us gently, in complete lucidity and with as much dignity as any of us could have wished for our beloved Uncle. Thanks for all of your support. We’ll talk again soon. Love, Joe Moe

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3 thoughts on “Forry Ackerman Passes Away (1916-2008)

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  2. I met FJA at the Arch-Con in 1996. He was eighty then but still fiesty. As soon as he entered the convention people swarmed over him. He graciously answered my questions about “London After Midnight” and of course FAMOUS MONSTERS. I saw him walk up to a concession stand and he looked at us and standing before him in line was a Klingon. I told a friend there,”Look the man who started all the costuming and his protogee!” Later he signed autos and photos alongside Ray Harryhausen and Ray Bradbury. It was a magical night!.

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