Forry’s Condition Very Serious

Bill and Beverly Warren visited Forry on November 1. Here is Bill’s report:

Beverly and I went by Forry’s today. He was alert and responsive but didn’t say much. Joe Moe told us privately that the house is now in a “hospice situation,” which I assume means a death watch. He also said that Forry is quite aware of this, and okay with it–he feels he’s lived a long, productive and happy life, and is facing death without any fears. We stayed a while; Forry’s lawyer took care of some papers with him privately while we chatted on the patio in back. (I didn’t know there WAS a patio in back.) Before we left, I was able to say a few things to Forry that I’ve held back (good things), on the assumption we may not meet again. However, Beverly and I do plan to go back there tomorrow and maybe the next day as well.

Update 11/3/2008: Dave Langford adds, “Earl Kemp’s version of Forry Ackerman’s sad condition, as circulated to several mailing lists on Saturday, went: ‘I have just been informed that 4sj has had a serious heart attack and is not expected to survive it.'”

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One thought on “Forry’s Condition Very Serious

  1. > Forry is quite aware of this…and is facing death without any fears.

    In other words, Forry is facing the future without fear. Of course, Forry has always faced the future without fear — it’s fair to say Forry has always loved The Future, that wonderful Future which science fiction promised. If anyone has deserved to live to see that wonderful Frank R. Paul Future with flying cars and personal jetpacks and domed cities sparkling in the sunlight or caught in the shadows of giant starships, it’s Forry.

    Larry Niven was right: There Ain’t No Justice.

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