Frazetta Family Resumes Feuding

The dispute between Frank Frazetta’s children over their father’s art erupted anew on December 15 when Frank Frazetta Jr. filed suit against his three siblings in Florida.

Frazetta Jr. claims they violated the terms of their settlement by failing to pay him the 25-percent share of the estate his father intended him to have. He alleges they have not provided an accurate accounting of the business dealings involving his father’s art and have not involved him in their decisions as agreed.

The agreement had been reached with the help of a federal mediator in April, not long before Frank Frazetta’s death on May 10.

In July, Frazetta’s painting, “Conan the Destroyer,” was sold to a private collector for $1.5 million, the highest price ever paid for one of his works.

[Thanks to Andrew Porter for the story.]

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One thought on “Frazetta Family Resumes Feuding

  1. This is so sad. I’m thankful that both he and his wife don’t have to be around to witness this. A few years back I watched the excellent documentary, Painting with Fire, and at the time a friend and I commented that, based solely on what we saw on the dvd, Frazetta’s children seemed like a bunch of losers just waiting for dad to pass on so that they could cash in. I’m sorry to have been right, at least partially, in that assessment. Now I wouldn’t say that all of them are that way, hell I don’t know at all, but I am disappointed that this behavior tarnishes his legacy, and I am even more disappointed that I didn’t find some way to make it to the Frazetta museum while he and Ellie were alive, as it appears that all of his paintings will end up scattered to private collectors so that the Frazetta children can sponge off the old man rather than earning their own way in the world.

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