Free Ebooks of TAFF Reports and Classic Fanfiction

A selection of trip reports by Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund winners are now available as free ebooks says TAFF website host David Langford.

Fans can also download Walt Willis and Bob Shaw’s 1954 classic The Enchanted Duplicator, and Jim Theis’ definitely-not-classic The Eye of Argon (1970), the latter once popular for reading aloud at late-night marathons, with the reader losing his turn as soon as he cracked himself up.

2 thoughts on “Free Ebooks of TAFF Reports and Classic Fanfiction

  1. Thanks ever so much for the links to download The Enchanted Duplicator and The Eye of Argon — I’ve been wondering where I could find those tales.

  2. For at least a decade now, including this past Saturday night, Eye of Argon’s been group read at Baycon. One added bit is that the action is acted out, as best as it can be (I don’t think anyone’s ever been able to nail the “lithe opaque nose” description), with minimal props by attendees not reading at the time. If I’m recalling correctly, Lunacon’s also been doing this, but with a specified group of combo reader/actors.

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