Fundraiser for Jay Lake’s NIH Trial

Jay Lake begins a new phase of his battle against cancer in a National Institutes of Health trial this week, having volunteered as a subject for untested new immunotherapy technologies that might extend his life. Although the treatments are funded by the NIH, Jay still needs help with some other steep expenses that NIH doesn’t cover, as he recently explained on his blog:

I’m back off to NIH on Tuesday for surgery followed by some extensive and fairly brutal immunotherapy. As recently discussed, this is a very expensive process for me and my family. Not the treatments themselves, which are covered by NIH at no cost to me, but the expense of having my caregivers in Maryland for five weeks while I am being treated. Not to mention the expense already incurred during our two-week visit for enrollment.

Jay’s fans and friends can help by contributing to an online fundraiser to defray the costs of travel, hotel, and support. The appeal has brought in $8,799 of the $15,000 goal at this writing

[Via SF Site News.]

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