Furry Future Updates and Issues

Anthology editor Fred Patten sent this status report about his current project:

I’ve accepted eight stories so far for The Furry Future, from J. C. R. Coates, Dwale, M. (Maggie) C. A. Hogarth, David Hopkins, Mary E. Lowd, T. S. McNally, Watts Martin, and Michael H. Payne, for about 80,000 words of FurPlanet Productions’ requested 120,000-word minimum; all G-rated. I’ve accepted several more proposals, and I expect the finished stories to really start streaming in during November.  

Patten also made an interesting point about an issue confronting some of his authors:

A couple of furry fans who haven’t appeared in books before are dithering over revealing their real names or not. At least one has a real reason not to. I’ve edited a previous furry anthology to which a good author declined to contribute because he said that his superior of his multi-year job was looking for any excuse to fire him. When I pointed out that he would have excellent grounds for a wrongful-termination-of-employment lawsuit in that case, he replied that he’d rather not be fired in the first place. I’ve assured them that they can continue to use their fursona names even in their copyright statements.

Do writers of anthropomorphic stories have more risk from becoming identified with their work than the sf writers who historically adopted pen names to conceal their authorship of pulp stories or keep it separate from their professional work in another field?

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