Galaxy’s Edge Will Drop Magazine Format, Change To Bi-Annual Anthology Book Series

Galaxy’s Edge editor Lezli Robyn announced today that after a decade of keeping a bi-monthly schedule as a magazine, by the end of 2023 the publication will become a bi-annual anthology book series.  

Issue 60 came out in November, and there will be two more issues in the current format. The first volume of the anthology book series will appear at the end of 2023.

Editor Robyn’s press release adds these details:

…Not only will we continue to bring you the fiction our readers have grown to love so much, but this new format will make it easier to get into brick-and-mortar bookstores through a full-service distributor. It will also allow us to raise the rates we pay our authors as well as give us greater flexibility to buy more novelettes and novellas, which has been restricted by the current format.

We’ll have a submission system that will open twice a year for the anthologies, and stories currently in the magazine system will also be considered for future anthologies. I have made some rewrite requests and selected to buy numerous stories in the past few months, and I will be contacting authors by February 1st with information about which issue of the magazine or anthology their story will appear in and will follow up with the edits or contracts applicable. We appreciate a little grace period as we transition to the exciting new format!

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2 thoughts on “Galaxy’s Edge Will Drop Magazine Format, Change To Bi-Annual Anthology Book Series

  1. Higher word rates: good.
    Fewer stories likely purchased: ungood
    Gripping hand: better distribution – good.

    Looking forward to purchasing their books.

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