Genius Move in the Graphic Story Hugo Category

Girl Genius has won 100% of the Hugos ever awarded in its category – all three given for Best Graphic Story since the category was provisionally added.  

When the online comic’s creators Phil & Kaja Foglio and Cheyenne Wright accepted their latest rocket at Renovation, Phil announced they would withdraw Girl Genius from consideration in 2012.

Now they’ve also produced an installment of Girl Genius explaining that the decision to bow out for a year is “for the good of the category,” because “we want people to see it’s a viable award.”  

The Best Graphic Story category must be re-ratified by the 2012 Worldcon business meeting or else it will be automatically eliminated.

Many years ago, while accepting a second consecutive Hugo in the Best Fan Artist category, Phil Foglio also withdrew himself (permanently, in that case). That winning streak started just after Tim Kirk had dominated the category for several years, a history that influenced Phil’s memorable line to the 1978 Worldcon audience — “As hard as it is to win one of these, it’s even harder to stop.”

[Via Glenn Glazer.]

4 thoughts on “Genius Move in the Graphic Story Hugo Category

  1. I had to shake Phil’s hand after the Hugo ceremony. We’ve had our differences in the past, but handsome is as handsome does.

  2. @Neil: I think Phil’s the only one.

    I prospectively declined fan nominations in 1986 and 1996 but I suppose you would find it unconvincing if I insinuated myself into this bit of trivia by announcing today that I shall decline future nominations in the Best Graphic Story category.

  3. @Neil: In effect, Cheryl Morgan, who told people not to nominate her for Best Fan Writer and who was until recently one of Clarkesworld‘s editors and thus still part of the editorial team that would be eligible for Best Semiprozine next year but won’t be on account of CW having prospectively declined nomination for next year. But that’s only fan and semi-pro, not pro, I guess.

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