George Clayton Johnson’s
80th Birthday Bash

 George Clayton Johnson with his 80th birthday cake Pete Atkins and Dennis Etchison outside Mystery & Imagination Bookstore Marc Zicree signs George Clayton Johnson’s 80th birthday card

By John King Tarpinian: The 80th Birthday Party for George Clayton Johnson at Mystery & Imagination Bookstore on July 11 went off very well. I stopped counting at 53 people in attendance, one person reported to me that she had counted 70. The party lasted about four hours.  Fans and old friends brought gifts. Stories were exchanged, there was an ‘open mic’ where people got to tell stories about George. (Google Café Frankenstein in Laguna Beach if you wish to know about the naked lady and the arrest) Purely by coincidence, during the middle of George talking about how Ray Bradbury was his mentor he got a call from Ray to wish him a happy birthday. George was told by Ray to start back up writing short stories, George said “Yes sir.”

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3 thoughts on “George Clayton Johnson’s
80th Birthday Bash

  1. I should note that the photos of the two men out side the bookshop are Peter Atkins (Hellraiser) and Dennis Etchison (horror author). The man signing the large birthday card is Mark Zicree (The Twilight Zone Companion).

  2. Hey now, George, I forgot come out there for your B-day.
    Sorry pal, Happy! Happy! Needs to be a collection of your own little “notes”
    I still have some. I’ll call.

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