George W. Proctor (1946-2008)

George W. ProctorGeorge W. Proctor

George W. Proctor, a cherished figure in Texas‘ science fiction community, died August 3. An active fanzine editor in the early 1970s, the best known of his several titles was Citadel. Proctor wrote sf professionally, and also edited the Science Fiction Hall of Fame, Volume III with Arthur C. Clarke.

At the time of his death, he was an instructor in the Communications department at the University of Texas at Arlington

Proctor was among the first fans who traded zines with me. Many years later at an AggieCon I had the particular pleasure of sitting at a table in the Con Suite with Proctor, Joe Lansdale and a few other Texas writers, and sharing an extended conversation with them.

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2 thoughts on “George W. Proctor (1946-2008)

  1. I loved that man! He was the best teacher and pushed me to think about my writing as well as my life. He was a truly passionate teacher and even though I have been gone for a few years, just knowing he is not there any more saddens me deeply.

  2. I knew George from the old days of hosting Wolf359, back when they were doing the graphics. I enjoyed our chats, he was kind enough to send me some of his artwork and a autographed book, we had a lot of laughs during those days. He will be missed.

    Qa’pla George!

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