Gilman’s Writing Advice Now an Ebook

Laura Anne Gilman’s writing advice book Practical Meerkat’s 52 Bits of Useful Info for Young (and Old) Writers is available at Book View Café as a $2.99 ebook.

Last year, recalls Gilman, “I set myself the insane challenge of writing an advice column for writers, basically all the shit I learned the hard way, once a week for the entire year…. It ran on the BookView Cafe blog. And the response was so good, the folk at BVC said ‘and so, nu, an ebook, for folk who want all that useful info and snark in one place?’”

Some of the 52 topics are: “Knowing When Not to Complain (and how to do it),” “Bar Schmoozing with the Big Dogs (even if you don’t drink),” and “Dealing with a Difficult Editor/Agent.”

Gilman has been an editor since 1990, headed the Roc SF imprint for Penguin for 7 years, and has publushed 25 novels.

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