Glasgow 2024 Membership Rate Changes as of July 1

Glasgow 2024 has announced changes to its membership rates to take effect from July 1, 2024. These rates will apply until the convention and on the door.
Attending Membership Rates: In-person attending membership rates from July 1, 2024 will be as follows. All these memberships include the right to attend the convention, WSFS rights to participate in the Hugo Awards and Site Selection, and for those over 15 years old, full access to the Online Convention, both during and after the convention.
Full Adult (26 and over) – £255 (previously £230)
First Worldcon Adult – £185 (previously £165)
Historically Under-represented Adult – £185 (previously £165)
Scottish / Local Adult – £165 (previously £150)
Full Young Adult (16-25) – £150 (previously £135)
Scottish / Local Young Adult – £100 (previously £95)
Teenage (11-15) – £100 (previously £90)
The following rates will also change:
Online Bundled (Includes WSFS rights) – £95 (previously £80)
Online Unbundled (no WSFS rights) – £50 (previously £40)
Child Tickets (In-Person Only, 6-10 years old) – £65 (previously £55)
Infant Tickets (under 6, excludes Childcare) – £15 (previously £5)
WSFS Only (Supporting) Memberships – £50 (previously £45)
Day and Weekend Tickets: The prices for Glasgow’s Day and Weekend Tickets will also increase from July 1. These tickets are available in two forms: one for those aged 16 and over including access to the online convention, and one for younger fans covering physical attendance only.
Please note that Day and Weekend Tickets do not include WSFS rights; a separate WSFS Only Membership will be required for individuals who wish to participate in the Hugo Awards, Site Selection and Business Meeting.

Day / Weekend ticket rates from July 1 will be as follows: 

DayAdult (over 16)Under 16
Thursday 8 Aug£60£25
Friday 9 Aug£85£30
Saturday 10 Aug£85£30
Sunday 11 Aug£85£30
Monday 12 Aug£50£20
Weekend 10 and 11 Aug£155£55

People planning to attend on two or more days should check their rates against our Full Attending In-Person rates, particularly if they are eligible for a concessionary rate (First Worldcon, Scottish / Local etc) or also plan to buy a WSFS Membership, as the Full Attending Rate may offer a cheaper option.

[Based on a press release.]

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