GoFundMe for RP Bird


SF writer RP Bird of Albuquerque, New Mexico is being treated for cancer and has started a GoFundMe appeal with a goal of raising $9,000.

Susanne Mann writes:

He is in critical need of immediate financial aid, in any amount, from friends, supporters, and all persons of good will. He is currently undergoing radiation and chemotherapy for cancer, and is unable to work due to the debilitating side effects of his treatment. He has exhausted his savings and is now faced with eviction from his apartment.
No amount is too small.

In addition to his professional work in the field as a writer, Bird has been an SF fan since the mid ’70s, attending conventions and publishing a fanzine for a short time. A native and long time resident of Kansas, he relocated to Albuquerque a few years ago after his family home was destroyed in the Greensberg, Kansas tornado of 2007.

More about Bird, as well as information on his stories and novels can be found at his website RPBird.com, as well as on his Facebook page. His novels are available on Amazon.com and some of his stories are available on his website.

Over $3,000 has been contributed as of this writing.