Rambo, Swirsky Offer Online Class November 8

Cat Rambo reveals one of the mysteries of the profession —

I don’t know that anyone’s noticed one aspect of the great SJW conspiracy yet, which is that Leckie, Swirsky, and I were all in the same Clarion West class (’05, in which we were indoctrinated into the unholy cabal by Octavia Butler, Andy Duncan, L. Timmel DuChamp, Connie Willis, Gordon Van Gelder, and Michael Swanwick).

If you want to be initiated into other professional mysteries, Rambo is ready to give you the opportunity —

Two parts of the unholy trinity are reuniting as Rachel and I team up for an online class that may be of interest to File770ers.

Rambo and Swirsky will teach about —

“Re-Telling and Re-Taleing”

The next class is Sunday, November 8, 9:30-11:30 AM, Pacific Time. Co-taught with Nebula-award winning writer Rachel Swirsky.

Authors constantly draw on the stories that have preceded them, particularly folklore, mythology, and fables. What are the best methods for approaching such material and what are the possible pitfall? How does one achieve originality when working with such familiar stories? Lecture, in-class exercise, and discussion will build your proficiency when working with such stories.

Here is a link to Rachel Swisky’s announcement.

To find out how to register, click here.

9 thoughts on “Rambo, Swirsky Offer Online Class November 8

  1. Karl-Johan, you have an uncanny ability to kill the conversation before it even has a chance to start.

  2. That REALLY made me laugh, though. I hadn’t thought of it before, and should have.

  3. “I hadn’t thought of it before.”

    Well, there goes my thesis on “Dinosaur”. Maybe I can do something Jungian instead.

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