Gollancz Online Festival

The Gollancz Online Festival is a weekend of digital activities on social media platforms with the hashtag #GollanczFest that begins Monday, September 12.

Meet your favourite authors.  Test your knowledge. Discover new books. Join us as we celebrate all things genre with a week of interactive fun!

The events are free. The following schedule runs on BST time.

Monday 12th September

All Day- Writers’ Tips

Join us here on the Gollancz Blog for some incredible writing advice from your favourite authors, including Joanne Harris, Mike Carey, Miles Cameron and many more!

6.30 pm- Reddit AMA with the Gollancz Editorial Team

Have you got a burning question for our Editorial Team? We just might have an answer. Make sure you visit us on Reddit at 6.30pm for a live AMA with Marcus Gipps, Rachel Winterbottom and Craig Leyenaar.

Tuesday 13th September

All day- #AuthorLife

Ever wonder what authors get up to all day? Spend the day with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as our authors share their days in a series of tweets, photos and posts! Follow the #AuthorLife hashtag.

3 pm- Which Brandon Sanderson Character are you?

Ever felt like you might be Mistborn? Wondered if a strange star might summon forth your Epic powers? Or would you be more at home with a Shardblade in your hand? Take our quiz and find out which of Brandon Sanderson’s weighty tomes you truly belong in.

7.30 pm- Special #GollanczFest edition of #FeminismInYA

We are thrilled to be working with Mariam Khan (@helloiammariam) to take part in #FeminismInYA with a focus on Feminism in Fantasy. Join Mariam, Joanne Harris and Elspeth Cooper at 7.30pm on Twitter. Follow the #FeminismInYA hashtag.

Wednesday 14th September

11 am- Which Joe Hill book should you be reading?

Not sure where to start with the incredible works of Joe Hill? Don’t worry, once you’ve taken our quiz you’ll know exactly which Joe Hill book you should be reading right now.

7.30 pm- Sam Sykes (@SamSykesSwears) takes over the Gollancz Twitter

The brilliant Sam Sykes will be taking over the Gollancz Twitter. Follow @Gollancz to take part in this interactive and probably owl-filled event.

Thursday 15th September

All Day- Gollancz Blog Urban Fantasy Takeover

Make sure you visit the Gollancz Blog for a series of interviews with three of the biggest names in Urban Fantasy: Charlaine Harris, Nalini Singh and Suzanne McLeod.

11 am- Connecting Wall Quiz

Test your skills with our Gollancz themed Connecting Wall Quiz.

Friday 16th September

11 am-  Have you read them all?

Take our SF Masterworks Quiz and test your knowledge of classic SF.

3.30 pm Google Hangout

Don’t miss our live Google Hangout with Elizabeth Bear,  Bradley Beaulieu, Scott Lynch, Ezekiel Boone and Mark Stay. Our authors will be answering your questions – come and say hi!

[Thanks to JJ for the story.]

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