GRRM Gets Red Wedding Payback in Sharknado 3

In Sharknado 3, George R.R. Martin is chomped in half while seated in the Jean Cocteau Theatre beside a woman in a bridal gown.

Get it?

According to a post at Winter Is Coming

The directors apparently really wanted this cameo as part of the movie, and relocated filming to New Mexico for a day to accommodate Martin. Apparently, he originally had a line. Yes, it was, “Winter is coming.” (Because of course it was.) It was cut for time, but we are promised it will be restored for the DVD version.


Now we know the reason George plugged Sharknado 3 as a Hugo contender in his blog yesterday…

[Thanks to Tom Galloway for the story.]

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7 thoughts on “GRRM Gets Red Wedding Payback in Sharknado 3

  1. Couldn’t they at least gotten the hat right, or would he have charged them more for his cameo if he wore the correct hat?

  2. I was disappointed in this iteration. Yes, it had GRRM, Grant Imahara, Michael Winslow, Lou Ferigno, Tim Russ, and a few other decent cameos, but it was hyped as the DC version of the franchise and we got like 5 minutes of monuments falling over like Tinker Toys and then it was all Orlando. DC isn’t just big stones carved to look like people!

  3. I was disappointed in the new iteration because it was so disjointed and nonsensical (not in a good way), although it at least went completely, admirably bonkers with its final showdown in outer space. That was almost stupid enough to rescue the rest of the film.

  4. Paul Weimer’s tweet with the link to this post warns it contains spoilers.

    Is it really possible to spoil Sharknado?

  5. In The Winds of Winter, can we now expect to see some minor lord’s banner with a shark on it? (Considering that George has already snuck shields and banners with “green arrow” and “blue beetle” devices into earlier books.)

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