Heinlein Bust Commissioned for Hall of Famous Missourians

Today The Heinlein Society initiated two purchase orders for the Heinlein Exhibit for the Missouri House of Representatives Hall of Famous Missourians.

The 125-150% life-sized Heinlein clay sculpture and bronze bust will be produced by E. S. Schubert Sculpture Studios of Kansas City MO.  Keith Kato, President of The Heinlein Society, said, “It turns out Spencer Schubert is a long time Heinlein reader and fan, so he is especially excited to take on this project.”

Spencer has been sent several photographs of Robert Heinlein, circa 1971, from the online Heinlein Archives, containing multiple aspect angles.  This link is a time-lapse movie of Spencer’s most recent project for the Hall of Famous Missourians, Mel Hancock.  He says a similar movie will be made of the Heinlein sculpture.

The granite pedestal will be produced by Carved In Stone of Jefferson City MO.  It will be a hollow box pedestal made of “Uba Tuba” black granite.

The Heinlein Society is accepting suggestions for the Exhibit’s plaque).  Based on other plaques, there is about a 1,000 character limit (spaces and punctuations included).  Cutoff date is August 1, 2015. The Missouri legislature has final approval of the plaque wording.

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