Here There Be Coincidences

Ray Bradbury and Mike Mallory at Comic Con 2009

Above, Mike Mallory and Ray Bradbury at Comic Con 2009. On Bradbury’s lap is a copy of James A. Owen’s novel Here There Be Dragons.

James A. Owen was an excellent author guest of honor at this year’s Mythcon. Among his works is a series of fantasy novels that kicks off with Here There Be Dragons. I knew he and his family were going to Comic Con next. And I was highly intrigued to notice in John King Tarpinian’s photo of Ray Bradbury posed beside Mike Mallory (above) that Bradbury is holding a copy of Owen’s novel.

Where did that come from? I wondered.

Now I know the answer. Owen has blogged the whole joyous explanation — including a line that must be music to every author’s ear:

“It’s a beautiful book!” Ray told me. “I want to buy it! Right now!”

Below, Ray Bradbury and James A. Owen at Comic Con 2009, in a photo from Owen’s LJ. (I smiled even more when I realized that was John King Tarpinian in the background, camera in hand.)

Bradbury and James Owen at Comic Con 2009