Hertz: Some Tweet, Some WOOF

By John Hertz: The ever-lovin’ Chris Garcia will host the Fanzine Lounge at Chicon VII (2012 Worldcon). While he’s at it he’ll be Official Editor of WOOF.

WOOF, the World Organization Of Faneditors, is an apa (Amateur Press Ass’n) collated annually – yes – another product of Bruce Pelz’ imagination – at the Worldcon. This year’s will (I think) be WOOF 37. The 2011 OE was Randy Byers. The 2010 OE was Alan Stewart.

Garcia’s own fanzine is The Drink Tank. He’s part of Journey Planet too. He was the 2008 Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund delegate. He gets my IBM 1620 jokes (one of which is really Alan Frisbie’s).

His E-mail address – Lee Gold calls them edresses – is <[email protected]>. Or call me (213)384-6622 for his real-mail address.

Do you suppose WOOF will have a Selina Phanara cover?

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6 thoughts on “Hertz: Some Tweet, Some WOOF

  1. See, we’re kindred spirits after all. And TASFiC 2 — that’s genius.

    (Note: The 1952 Worldcon in Chicago was called TASFiC, which stood for “Tenth Anniversary Science Fiction Convention.” It was the tenth Worldcon, although not the anniversary of any Worldcon because they were suspended during WWII.)

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