Hertz: TAFF & DUFF Auction at Worldcon

By John Hertz: The Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund and the Down Under Fan Fund will hold a combined auction at Chicon VII on Friday, August 31, at 6:30 p.m. in the Fanzine Lounge.

Murray Moore is co-ordinating the auction.  Chris Garcia the 2008 TAFF delegate, host of the Fanzine Lounge, will be an auctioneer, which will surely be awesome.  John Coxon the 2010 TAFF delegate will be another.

This annual auction is a big fund-raiser for each fund, and fun (as Vladimir Nabokov used to say, the difference between a thing’s cosmic element, and its comic element, consists of a single sibilant).

TAFF sends a delegate across the Atlantic, DUFF across the Pacific, in alternating directions, each year (more or less).  Delegates attend the Worldcon if it is at their destination, otherwise the national convention.

Have you something suitable to donate for auctioning? If you’re attending, can you bring it along? If you’re not attending, can you send it?

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