Hertz: The End (of DUFF Voting) Is Near

By John Hertz: Dave Cake and I, the DUFF (Down Under Fan Fund) Administrators for Australia – New Zealand and for North America, respectively, remind you that votes for the 2013 DUFF delegate must be received by midnight 10 June.

DUFF sends fans between ANZ and NA, alternating directions each time. The 2013 delegate will attend LoneStarCon III, the 71st Worldcon, 29 Aug – 2 Sep 13, San Antonio, Texas.

Candidates were announced and voting opened at the end of April. I sent a few hundred ballots by paper mail; Dave posted an electronic version.


Anyone active in fandom on or before 1 Jan 13 may vote. “Active in fandom” means a natural person involved in fannish pursuits in our community, such as participation in clubs or conventions or fanzines, singing, costuming, social life, physically, electronically, or otherwise.

DUFF is supported by donations. Include with your vote a donation of at least $5 Australian, Canadian, United States; or $7 New Zealand.  You may donate by paper mail or PayPal; the ballot explains. It explains the rest of this stuff too.

If you’ve already voted, thanks! If you haven’t yet, don’t miss the boat! That’s Courtney’s boat; know who sawed it? H. Warner, Jr., A Wealth of Fable p. 164 (1992).

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