Hugo Best Novelette Longlist Discussion Thread

By JJ: We’ve spent a lot of time over the last several months reading and discussing the 2015 Hugo Best Novelette finalists. This thread has been created to give us the opportunity to discuss the rest of the entries on the longlist. Links are included to the works online, so that you can read them (if you have not already done so) and comment.

Please employ your best judgment, and use rot13 to encrypt anything especially spoilery, in consideration of those who may not have gotten to read all of the entries yet.

To make a JavaScript bookmarklet for your browser that handles rot13 – so that all you have to do is highlight some text and click the bookmark to encrypt/decrypt it — go here, click on the “file suppressed” message, copy the one line of code to your clipboard, and save it as the target/URL of a Bookmark/Favorite. (Thanks to Rev. Bob for the neat trick.)

[Third in a series. See also — Hugo Best Novel Longlist Discussion Thread and Hugo Best Novella Longlist Discussion Thread.]

10 thoughts on “Hugo Best Novelette Longlist Discussion Thread

  1. Any chance you could link to each part of the series in each post? It’s trivially easy for me to click the “JJ” link, so no biggie, but it may help keep those publicized and read.

  2. Awesome, thank you for gathering and including links to these JJ! I hadn’t read most of these but look forward to doing so.

  3. ULTRAGOTHA: Greg Hullender, if you’re looking for things eligible for NEXT year’s Hugos (2015 works to be voted on in 2016), Renay’s Hugo Spreadsheet of Doom has been a big help to me.

    The Hugo Nominees 2015 Wikia is also a good source for reading suggestions (or for making your own suggestions for others).

  4. “The Devil in America” and “We are the Cloud” were also on my nomination list this year. I’m also quite fond of Carmen Maria Machado’s work and in fact nominated another story of hers in the short story category.

  5. “Litany of Earth” blew my mind, and made me, as a roleplaying gamer, ashamed. Because our hobby did vampires and werewolves and ghosts and crypto-Mormon gun-slinging paladins as player-characters, but it took a darn writer to think of turning Lovecraftian beings into protagonists. I hang my head.

  6. “A Year and a Day in Old Theradane” is excellent. Who can resist a well-written fantasy heist? (Apparently not Lynch, except when he feels the need to make his characters pirates for an entire effing book) The setting reminded me of The Black Company for no discernible reason.

    “The Devil in America” was well-enough written that I picked up Sorceror of the Wildeeps on sight.

    “The Litany of Earth” is absolute genius, I can only +1 what Jim said.

  7. For a translation, use and paste in the gobbledegook above. Rev. Bob has also shared a javascript shortcut here: (if the file suppressed bit doesn’t work for you, click on the Raw button). If you’re using Safari on an iPad, you’ll probably need to save a bookmark first and then go into that bookmark and alter the destination afterwards.

    If you’re using an iPad or iPhone (or other similar touch screen devices), text can be copied and pasted by touching the text and holding until options pop up. The amount of text copied can be adjusted by touching and holding the little balls at either end.

    /drive-by rot13 spiel
    /I’ll be back!

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