In Case You Didn’t Watch The Flash Musical Episode…

By Daniel Dern: Which, as cable-cutters, I know you didn’t…

…it’s worth watching all of, IMHO.

Note, like last season’s the “4-part crossover” of Supergirl, Flash, Green Arrow and Legends, there was only about 1 minute of relevant x-over in the Supergirl episode from the day before, and I believe that the Flash episode started with a recap of that anyway.

Here’s the relevant Supergirl snippet:

If you don’t want to watch the whole episode, you should at least watch Barry & Kara’s duet, “(I’m Your) Superfriend” written by Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s Rachel Bloom:

Although it’s not hard to find all the songs via YouTube, of course,

Supergirl, “Moon River”

“Put a Little Love in Your Heart”

“More I Cannot Wish You” (from Guys and Dolls, of course) — Joe West (Jesse L. Martin), Martin Stein (Victor Garber) & Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman)

“Runnin’ Home To You” — Grant Gustin (Flash)

(I think that’s all of them.)

And, unsurprisingly, there’s lots of related news clip interviews, including some “make of the episode” views

Carol Pinchefsky alerted me to an article that she wrote “9 Sci-Fi TV Musicals That Rocked Television Before Supergirl and The Flash”. Let me add more… there’s also a still-growing list of non-sf post-Buffy TV musical episodes, of course, e.g. (off the top of my head) including Scrubs, Castle, Gray’s Anatomy, Psych.

And here’s some lists via Mr KnowItAll the Internet:

Oddly, off-hand, I’m not seeing Cop Rock listed in any of these. Or else I didn’t read carefully enough… or that’s considered “a show which has songs in every episode.”

Lastly, this just in (seen): As I just learned from learned from, this week’s episode of The Magicians (which we haven’t seen yet) has characters doing a song from Les Miserables (I just watched about half of this).

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13 thoughts on “In Case You Didn’t Watch The Flash Musical Episode…

  1. The episode was definitely worth a watch. Unfortunately, most of the recent Flash and Supergirl episodes haven’t been, and this one wasn’t enough to change my opinion on them.

    Re not seeing Cop Rock listed – all three of those links say they’re about non-musical shows that had a musical episode. Cop Rock was pretty good, but it was a musical show from the get-go.

  2. I recorded both and will watch them tonight.

    Cord-cutters can still see these — they’re OTA, available with an antenna in most places.

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed the episode, and thank you for the links. FYI, for some odd reason, the closed captioning credited Paul McCartney for “More I Cannot Wish You,” but it’s from Guys and Dolls.

  4. The song from Les Mis was “One Day More” and they *killed* it. It was so good that I am wondering if some of the cast in The Magicians have done musical theatre. I would not be surprised if they had.

  5. Also, the last song in The Flash episode, “Runnin’ Back to You”, was written specifically for the episode. Composers are Benj Pasek and Justin Paul who won an Academy Award for “City of Stars” from the movie La La Land.

  6. I’m sure that I am not the only one whose older computer has difficulty loading File 770 whenever after such a video heavy piece is posted. Have you given any thought to providing links instead of embedding 11 easily searchable videos in a single post?

  7. The AV Club had a very good article on Cop Rock: “An oral history of Cop Rock, TV’s first and last musical police drama”.

    I liked Cop Rock enough it inspired me to pitch an all-singing, all-dancing story to the folks at Star Trek: The Next Generation. (I went over to LA several times after selling “Clues” to pitch further script ideas.) I even had a semi-rational scientific basis for the story.

    Of course, since I have no experience or talent for singing or dancing, if they’d said “Sold!” to the idea, I would have had to scramble madly to fake my way thru the process. So, realistically, it may have been better as an idea than if it had become an actual show.

  8. @Bruce
    The opening sequence to the pilot episode of Cop Rock is a really terrific piece of film making. It’s viewable on YouTube.

  9. Both Flash and Supergirl are available for viewing on, starting 24 hours after the episode airs. There are commercials, but then there are commercials on the regular tv broadcast, too.

    I enjoyed “Duet”. It wasn’t quite as good as “Once More, With Feeling”, but that’s a pretty high bar to set.

    I’d heard of “Moon River” before but it seems that I’d never before actually heard anyone sing it all the way through.

  10. Daniel Dern: Hey, thanks. That was entertaining.

    Didn’t Grant Gustin get his break in HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL?

    I know Jesse L. Martin was in the original cast of RENT and Victor Garber has TONS of Broadway experience. He was also in Eli Stone (which I think was all-musical).

    Does Rachel Bloom write music or just lyrics?

  11. Sorry, I should have seen the behind-the-scenes stuff to realize that Gustin and Benoist were both in Glee.

  12. Bruce Arthurs on March 24, 2017 at 8:18 am said:

    I liked Cop Rock enough it inspired me to pitch an all-singing, all-dancing story to the folks at Star Trek: The Next Generation.

    I even had a semi-rational scientific basis for the story.


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