James Bacon: A Loss for Victory

By James Bacon: I have spoken to John Vaughan, regarding Victory and it appears the show fell at the first hurdle, but he is not at all demotivated by this:

Sadly I have to report that “Victory?” has been eliminated from this year’s Storyland. It seems not enough people voted for the show itself to avoid elimination from the first round…

But am I down hearted?… No! Because we managed to convince RTÉ to attempt a science fiction series, something never done in their fifty-year history. In a single week our little six minute drama got over Three Thousand viewers and that’s what I wanted, not a show to vote for but a show set in Ireland (a locale hardly ever featured in science fiction) for fans to watch and enjoy and with the thousands of positive responses we got through Facebook I know we succeeded. It reached a point where fans have stepped forward and have offered financing to continue the show. (Unfortunately under the rules RTE own the show completely and will not allow it). So to every single one of you that watched us and supported us should be proud of what was achieved with a budget of £6000.

Many thanks to all the fans who supported us, we are very grateful.

Editor’s Note: The first webisode is still available on the RTÉ Storyland site here.


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