Jane Badler Joins the Resistance

Jane Badler in Legendary tv actress Jane Badler, who gained fame as the chief villainess in the series V, sides with the good guys against the aliens this time in Resistance.

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By the way, Badler sings, too. SciFi Pi has info about the November 15 launch of her new album of original songs.

Jane Badler Joins the Resistance
Villain from V to be Alien-Fighter’s Mother

Andrew Dillon, executive producer of That’s-A-Wrap Productions, today announced that Jane Badler, the American and Australian star of Falcon Crest, Mission: Impossible and numerous other television series is joining the cast of the company’s action-adventure science fiction film and follow-on television series, Resistance.

Resistance is the story of a covert attempt by aliens from outer space to take over the Earth and a guerilla-style battle to stop them when most of the world won’t believe the threat exists. What makes the story even more interesting is its focus on a band of super-smart teenagers at the center of this conflict: not only do they have to save the world but they have to deal with school, hormones and dating.

Badler will be taking on the role of Diana Lucas, the mother of one of the team of super-smart teens who are secretly fighting the alien threat.

According to Dillon, “Jane is a terrific talent. Her recurring role is a lot fun and her experience in drama and suspense projects means she’ll be able to bring a lot of depth to the role.”

Badler, too, is pleased to be taking part. “It tickles me that I’m coming back to science fiction. It’s a genre where I gained a lot of popularity. And Resistance is a great project. I love the twists and turns and the secret alien conspiracy.”

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the original television mini-series V, which was also about an alien invasion, although not a secret one in that case. In both V mini-series and the television series, Badler played the role of Diana, leader of the invading alien force.

Badler also has the lead role in Under a Red Moon, an Australian feature film soon to be released.

Production on the Resistance feature is expected to start later this year.

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