Joe Haldeman Hospitalized

Joe Haldeman remains in intensive care at a Cincinnati hospital after surgery on September 19 for a twisted bowel and severe pancreatitis.

Gay Haldeman told readers on September 23 that he is still “critically stable” in ICU on a respirator. More details in her post.

[Thanks to Dave Locke for the link.]

Update 09/24/2009: Changed link as recommended in Joel Zakem’s comment.

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4 thoughts on “Joe Haldeman Hospitalized

  1. The link goes to:

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    “The server reports that article <[email protected] does not exist.”

    Regardless, this frightens me. More often than not, friends and relatives I’ve known who were so ill they went to an Intensive Care Unit (most recently Bruce Dane last year) are just so ill they never came home again — and having myself temped in ICUs and CCUs as a sitter, I know how hard the medical staff works to fan the spark of life and attempt to beat the odds anyway, every time — the PICU at St. Louis Children’s Hospital beat them and saved my younger son’s life.

    My heart goes out to Gay.

  2. Joe Haldeman and John Varley are the winners of the Robert A. Heinlein Award for 2009. The Robert A. Heinlein Award is for outstanding published works in science fiction and technical writings to inspire the human exploration of Space. Winners are selected by a committee of SF authors originally selected by Mrs. Virginia Heinlein and chaired by Robert Heinlein’s friend Dr. Yoji Kondo.  The award prize consists of a wall plaque certificate, large sterling silver medallion and lapel pin.  The likeness of Robert A. Heinlein, as rendered by Arlin Robbins, is featured on each of these items.

    Joe Haldeman maintains his official website at

    John Varley maintains his official website at

    The Baltimore Science Fiction Society provides logistical support for the award and maintains a website where winners are permanently recorded at

    —Dale S. Arnold,
       Assistant to Dr. Kondo.
       Director at Large Baltimore Science Fiction Society.

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