Joe Haldeman Rehospitalized

Gay Haldeman has told readers that Joe Haldeman was readmitted to a hospital on December 21 to diagnose and treat various symptoms, including weakness and fever.

The CT scan shows an abscess between his stomach and his pancreas, as well as other pockets of fluid in his abdomen. The surgeons are exploring options, perhaps another drain as well as moving the drain he already has. The surgeon also thinks he may need to go in and remove more of the pancreas, ugh. 

Joe and Gay have been back home in Gainesville since December 9, where they returned following Joe’s 52-day hospitalization in Cincinnati plus a month of outpatient care. Gay adds, “Joe’s spirits are good; mine are a bit frayed but holding.”

[Thanks to Andrew Porter and Joel Zakem.]

Update 12/23/2009: Later on, things were looking up — see Gay’s quote below in David Klaus’ comment — though an endoscopic operation on the problem area still is likely.

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2 thoughts on “Joe Haldeman Rehospitalized

  1. Gay posted this morning:

    “Third Day in the Hospital

    “The news this morning is that they’re not going to operate any time soon. He’s responding well to the antibiotics. And they’re looking at an endoscopic operation to put a stent into the problem area, instead of a full scale abdominal operation.

    “But apparently not soon. He’s feeling 100% better. Yay! Love, Gay”

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