John Jeffries Sr. Passes Away

John Jeffries Sr., art designer for the classic Star Trek series, died March 25 at the age of 74 from lung cancer, reports Trek Today. John and his brother Matt were responsible for the design of the original phaser pistol. John Jefferies also participated in the final construction design for the Enterprise.

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4 thoughts on “John Jeffries Sr. Passes Away

  1. The “Jeffries” tube in the old Enterprise was also named for John Jeffries Sr. I was always al little unclear just what a “Feffries” tube was, but concluded it was an access tunnel that climbed the length of those enormous stuts that supported the Warp nacelles. The camera angle strongly suggested they were mainly vertical.

  2. Mike, this is erroneous. The famous production designer of Star Trek: TOS was Walter “Matt” Jeffries, brother to John Jeffries. John Jeffries was a little-known junior set designer.

    “Series Production Design by
    Walter M. Jefferies (5 episodes, 1966)

    Series Art Direction by
    Walter M. Jefferies (73 episodes, 1966-1969)
    Rolland M. Brooks (34 episodes, 1966-1967)
    Franz Bachelin (2 episodes, 1966)”

    See also

    “The ‘Jeffries’ tube in the old Enterprise was also named for John Jeffries Sr.

    Ditto you’re also just wrong, Taral.

    Mike, I realize you relied on TrekToday, but if you check the Variety story they used to write their blog post, you’ll see that Variety, unsurprisingly, gets it right. His role on Star Trek was minor; it’s his brother Matt who is the famous Jeffries.

    I’m a touch surprised you haven’t posted the Hugo nominations by now, btw.

  3. Thanks for steering me in the right direction Gary. And posting the Hugo nominations is another good idea. (Spent all day at Easter service and family dinner, which somebody had coincidentally scheduled during the British Eastercon.)

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