Joro Penchev Wins 2024 European Fan Fund Race

European Fan Fund Administrators Matylda Naczyńska and Marcin “Alqua” Kłak announced April 6 that Joro Penchev of Buglaria has been voted the fund’s 2024 winner. Penchev will attend the 2024 Eurocon in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, from August 16-19.

Eighty votes were received, however, 14 lacked the voting contribution. The 66 valid votes came from a dozen different countries. Penchev achieved a majority in the second round of the runoff.

Jane MondrupJoro PenchevNo preferenceHold overTotal votes
2nd Round273461

The total voting contributions received in various currencies were:

  • 92.91 EUR
  • 130.40 GBP
  • 935.94 PLN

[Via Ansible Links.]

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