Self-Published Science Fiction Competition 3 Finalists

The third annual Self-Published Science Fiction Competition’s 6 finalists were announced on April 10.

  • Kenai by Dave Dobson
  • Three Grams of Elsewhere by Andy Giesler
  • Thrill Switch by Tim Hawken
  • Children of the Black (Book 1) by W J Long III
  • Gold Record: Memoirs of a Synth by Leigh Saunders
  • Dark Theory by Wick Welker

The Self-Published Science Fiction Competition, created by Hugh Howey and Duncan Swan, is modeled after Mark Lawrence’s Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off, and has his blessing. The contest started with 300 novels and ten teams of book bloggers who read and scored the books through several elimination rounds.

In the final round the top seven books will be read by all the judges. The teams’ scores for each finalist and links to their reviews will be posted at the SPSFC website. The winner is due to be announced in July.

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3 thoughts on “Self-Published Science Fiction Competition 3 Finalists

  1. I’m confused. I thought the SPSFC already announced two finalists. Now, this headline says three, yet there are six books. Pretty simple math. What’s going on, here?

  2. It’s “SPSFC 3” — the third competition.

    They’ve announced six finalists. Thus six covers in their finalist graphic.

    You may have been misled by the form of the social media announcements. Each showed two finalists. But there were three of these, one each for the judges’ selections from three groups of six semifinalists. I know I was initially confused by this and had to work it out.

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