Klaus: Rod Serling Addresses Congress, Sorta

By David Klaus: I’m watching C-SPAN 1.

In the debate on a bill about federal lands and water (it would have prevented the Border Patrol and DHS from violating land conservation laws, cancel an authorization for the killing of seals for eating their normal diet — fish — that humans want, de-authorized federal funding for State shooting ranges, and said the Border Patrol/DHS could not violate Indian burial grounds), Congressman Edward Markey (D., 7th Dist., Ma.) opened his debate speech by quoting in its entirety one of the Rod Serling opening credits narrations of The Twilight Zone, by name, because he thought that’s where this bill came from and belonged.

(The bill passed anyway, so as far as the House is concerned, the Border Patrol/DHS can despoil federal land and Indian burial grounds with impunity, fisherman competing with seals can kill them, and every state can get a deficit-paid shooting range.)

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