Knit Classic Trek Meerkats

Knit Classic Trek Meerkat 

What word describes these 7-inch-tall hand-knitted meerkats in Star Trek uniforms? How about — Irresistable!

There’s Meerkat Scotty:

Scotty (Lieutenant Commander Montgomery Scott) wears Engineering Red and carries a tricorder over his shoulder, ready to scan for Dilithium Crystals.

And Meerkat Kirk:

Jim wears Command Gold and carries his old-school communicator, twiddling away with its little buttons. You’d have thought they’d be through with “tuning” by now?

And thought-provoking Meerkat Uhura:

Uhura wears Engineering Red (although I’ve never been able to work out why. Surely she should wear Science Blue?) and has her ear piece firmly in place. I reckon she wears it in her left ear because that’s the one that is usually in shot. She also has big earrings, of course, and has darker fur than the average meerkat.

Next question: What word describes their $35 price tag?

[Via James Hay.]

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