LASFS Sells Clubhouse

Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society officers revealed on Facebook that the club has agreed to sell its clubhouse. The terms allow the club to continue to use it for eight months while they search for a replacement in the southeast/central San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles.

LASFS moved to its Van Nuys location in 2011, which proved to be a poor choice because of extremely limited street parking, and the large population of homeless who camp literally across the street.


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11 thoughts on “LASFS Sells Clubhouse

  1. The homeless encampment – actually in multiple nearby spots – wasn’t really an issue when LASFS first bought the current location. That was something that grew over the years. Because it’s an industrial/commercial area, the city and the police were glad to have them there rather than in the nearby residential areas so more or less encouraged the growth.

  2. At the time LASFS purchased the property it just sold, the tenants who were vacating the property had an agreement to use the overflow parking lot for the Van Nuys terminal of the Orange Line bus. This parking lot is on the other side of the street from the LASFS’ clubhouse. However, just after the LASFS moved into its clubhouse the parking lot was blocked off and was rented to an auto dealer as their overflow lot.

  3. Marty Cantor: Parking or no, the building was in one of the worst neighborhoods in Van Nuys. It never made any sense to me why the club bought there.

  4. When I say “one of the worst neighborhoods” bear in mind I lived for 15 years in Van Nuys about 1-1/2 miles from where the current clubhouse is. Besides the car theft problem endemic to Van Nuys generally, in that area there have been murders, and from time to time somebody has turned one of those small commercial buildings into a brothel or a drug den.

  5. I guess I missed the old news item at the time, because I only realized you’d moved then when I happened to drive by the previous clubhouse on a visit to LA a few weeks ago and the name wasn’t on it any more.

  6. We moved out of the previous – the 2nd – clubhouse in August of 2011. This was the clubhouse on Burbank Boulevard in North Hollywood, the one we moved into from our tiny first clubhouse some time in 1978 (if I am remembering correctly).

    You can be updated on the club and its happenings at our web page:

  7. I know I could have gotten this updated information. My point is that I had no idea I would have needed to look for it.

  8. Mike, I agree — the Van Nuys building looked to me like a mistake for the club; an iffy location in a neighborhood that even if I still lived in SoCal, would be among my last choices as an after-dark meeting house.

    The ideal building would perhaps be an empty church — which is likely to have an existing kitchen, large and small meeting rooms, plus the large open sanctuary — and best of all, its own parking lot.

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