Lis Carey Review: Limited Edition Blackout Cake Flavor Creme Oreos

Oreo cookies proudly own their status as junk food, and have never let me down. Empty calories for the masses, which have become increasingly colorful over the years. The latest Limited Edition, though, doesn’t flaunt bright colors, but chocolate. Dark and milk chocolate.

Review by Lis Carey: I have a certain love for Oreo cookies, as I think befits a working class “you’re going to college and going to be middle class” kid of the Fifties and Sixties. No, we weren’t raised to be gourmets. We were raised to have good table manners, to know what to do with the more unusual utensils seen only at the rare “really formal” meals, such as at weddings and Christenings. (And maybe, sometimes, Easter. But not Thanksgiving or Christmas, where the point was to enjoy the food, not show off one’s higher skills.)

The food itself, in our family, had its roots solidly in the peasant cultures of Sicily, Ireland, France, French Canada, Poland…. Okay, it was varied, to a point.

And then there were snacks. Only my two grandmas held the hard line against buying snacks rather than baking them. My mother and aunts were, as my Sicilian grandma had predicted, Americans. Oreo cookies were a favorite throughout the extended family. We learned to love them in their classic form–two chocolate wafers, with a vanilla creme filling. I’m sure there was never any real vanilla in that filling; this was empty calories for the masses.

Eventually, of course, there were innovations. Golden wafers. Double stuffing. Novelty colors for major holidays. Well, holidays. For the start of spring.

At the right time of year, Oreos are now quite colorful.

But this year, something quite wonderful came along. A new novelty Oreo! Something designed to tempt me personally. Because, you see, in addition to Oreos, I also love chocolate. Especially if I can put more chocolate on it. And then more on that.

I present to you the Blackout Cake Flavor Creme Oreo.

The classic chocolate Oreo wafers. Two layers of creme filling, one of which is milk chocolate, and the other, which at least aspires to being dark chocolate. I won’t say that it’s really dark chocolate, but it’s closer to dark chocolate than it is to the milk chocolate of the other creme layer.

Regardless, this is a cookie with three different flavors of chocolate. That picture isn’t as good as I hoped, but you can just see the darker layer of chocolate, though it’s not easy to distinguish. (I really thought I’d done a better job in that picture. Sorry.)

I received this package of the Limited Edition Oreos as I gift, and I ate them. I ate all of them, and enjoyed every bite. Not in one sitting! I spaced them out over several days.

The last one tasted as good as the first. Now they are gone, and I’m not sorry I didn’t share.

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7 thoughts on “Lis Carey Review: Limited Edition Blackout Cake Flavor Creme Oreos

  1. They’re readily available at place like Walmart online right now for quite reasonable prices. Or you can buy off eBay as well.

  2. I can’t quite wrap my head around buying food off eBay. That’s not a criticism. It just seems…weird.

    But that’s appropriate, right, for sf fans?

  3. If you want to try something really decadent, Trader Joe’s is selling a small box of chocolate and peanut butter covered chocolate Joe-Joes (the TJ version of Oreos) with peanut butter filling. OMG, they were gone in 2 days.

  4. Artificial Flavor, clearly indicated on the package.

    As a long time fan of the exquisite long gone Ebinger’s Blackout Cake, this intrigued me.

    While grocery shopping yesterday, I saw these in the Oreo section of the cookie aisle. The package is smaller than the regular Oreo packaging, but that may be due to this being a “Limited Edition”.

    I’ve had a few of them since last night. The dual chocolate filling is interesting, the cookie simulates the coating of a Blackout cake, but overall, I’m not that impressed. It will not stop me from eating them, though.

    It’s too bad Ebinger’s is gone and no one knows how to make their Blackout cake. If anyone says they have the original Ebinger’s recipe, it’s not true. Entenmann’s has it and would make small batches every so often, but it is very expensive to make and they discontinued it, especially since they are now part of a giant baking company.

  5. @Stuart C. Hellinger–I do think I made it clear that my tastes are peasant tastes, and Oreos were never a snack pitched to the elite or the gourmet.

    @Roger–Sadly, I’m among those unable to enjoy peanut butter, because it can send me to the hospital. I regret this, but mostly in an abstract way, since I was never able to enjoy it.

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