London 2014 Video Online

Matt Bowles has posted the London Calling 2014 Worldcon bid launch video. Steve Cooper, a bid co-chair, said he expects it will get taken down before long so enjoy it while you can. It was still available when I posted.

The video is a montage of London being destroyed in sf movies and tv shows. The choice of visual references and the manner in which they have been edited is touched with genius. I especially liked how The Prisoner’s Patrick McGoohan and Angelo Muscat appeared to be fleeing across a London boulevard to escape the alien army shown in the preceding clip.

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14 thoughts on “London 2014 Video Online

  1. Many thanks for all your kind comments on the video – I thoroughly enjoyed making it. It’d be pretty unlucky if it got taken down, as all the constituent parts are available on YouTube already in much purer (and more copyright baiting) form (and the soundtrack is allowed as Sony have chosen to monetise it – except for in Germany – apologies to any German fans).

    Mark Slater

  2. Thanks Gary for the dates – I could have figured it out if I had fully functioning brain cells at the time. Sigh.

    I do recall Jack Chalker taking prints of the film to lots of cons to show it – Back When Dinosaurs Walked The Earth.

  3. A fan from Germany has informed me that the YouTube video isn’t viewable in Germany, which the bid might want to look into if they’re interested in European votes. On the other hand, keeping the video up at YouTube would seem to be a good idea, unless there are copyright issues or similar problems. I could see some viral distribution potentionally happening if it were left available, though.

    I’m referring to the version presently also at this URL:

    Mike W.: One project I’d like to Volunteer Others To Work On — 🙂 — would be a Long List of all the *bids* (the serious ones, at least) for each year, going back all the way. Wouldn’t that be handy?

  4. “One project I’d like to Volunteer Others To Work On”

    Similarly, it would be Really Neat-o if there were a listing of the various chapters of the Science Fiction League.

  5. From my post further up; “the soundtrack is allowed as Sony have chosen to monetise it – except for in Germany – apologies to any German fans”

    So again, apologies to German fans, but the soundtrack must be licenced differently in Germany, and so YouTube restrictions won’t allow this to be viewed there (and the same goes for any embedded links back to YouTube), and there’s nothing I can do about it at the moment I’m afraid.

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