Markstein Gravely Ill

Don Markstein is in dire health, reports John Guidry. A longtime New Orleans SF Association member now living in Phoenix, he is best-known for Don Markstein’s Toonopedia, a vast website about comics characters, artists and publishers.

Guidry urges:

PLEASE write him a letter etc. while there is still time for him to hear from those of us who knew him well. If you know anyone who was in NOSFA… please forward this to them, as well as fellow fans out there who were not in our old club.

Send mail to: Don Markstein, Life Care Center of Paradise Valley, Room 230, Phoenix, AZ 85032

[Via Andrew Porter and George Wells.]

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2 thoughts on “Markstein Gravely Ill

  1. I remember Markstein mainly for his fanzine, Tankschtickerzeitung, in the 1970s, one of the hardest fanzines to spell, ever! (No guarantees that that was the right way to spell it, either.)

  2. I don’t actually think I can write a physical letter any more. It would have to be handwritten unless they have wi-fi at the hospital.

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