Mary Anne Mohanraj vs. Cancer

Mary Anne Mohanraj. Photo by Jontisha Graves.

Mary Anne Mohanraj. Photo by Jontisha Graves.

All best wishes to Chicago-area SF writer/editor/fan Mary Anne Mohanraj who announced today on Facebook that she’s been diagnosed with breast cancer. At age 43, she can expect to beat this – she says 95 percent of people with comparable cancers survive at least five years, many live much longer.

I have a truly tremendous support network, a family full of knowledgeable doctors, and my department is being terrific about this as well. I plan to continue teaching every day I feel well enough to, and they’ll bring in people to cover when I can’t. My plan is pretty much to go on as close to normal as possible. I’ve been through three major surgeries already (two c-sections, one breast reduction, which, incidentally, should have nothing to do with the development of cancer), and I already know that my body tends to heal well and quickly from surgery. We’re in fine financial shape, with good insurance coverage. My life is in a very stable and happy place generally, and I have so many strong factors in my favor – it feels a bit weird to say this, but I can’t think of anyone I know in a better position to deal with this.

She plans to write regularly about her progress. (The link above is public.)

[Thanks to Michael J. Lowrey for the story.]

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