Masked Filers Reading SFF: Exhalation

Steve Wright is actually reading two books – that’s why he needs to keep his hair out of both eyes.

I’m reading Ted Chiang’s Exhalation collection (for the 2020 Hugos) and Leigh Brackett’s The Nemesis from Terra (or “Shadow Over Mars” for the Retros), and quite impossible to hide the fact that I seriously need a haircut.

(Say, if he’s shaggy, where’s Scooby?)

If you want to see this series continue, send photos of your mask and social distancing reads to mikeglyer (at) cs (dot) com

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4 thoughts on “Masked Filers Reading SFF: Exhalation

  1. I should read more Brackett. This would probably be a good time to continue on with those Haffner Press collections.

  2. Those particular titles both seem especially appropriate during the pandemic!

  3. I should have two audiobooks on the go, too, since I have two ears…. Or I could get any number of Braille editions of SF books and roll around on them naked, although if I did that, I don’t think Mike would show the photograph.

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