Masked Filers Reading SFF:
The Light Brigade

That’s Lis Carey behind the mask —

Reading The Light Brigade, on my Kindle. Okay, so you can’t tell, from looking at the back of my Kindle, but that and audiobooks are how I get my reading done these days.

If you want to see this series continue, send photos of your mask and social distancing reads to mikeglyer (at) cs (dot) com

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7 thoughts on “Masked Filers Reading SFF:
The Light Brigade

  1. What a great mask! And yes, I thought The Light Brigade was a fantastic book.

    Hope you and Dora are doing well. 🙂

  2. Just started it myself. Enjoying it, even if so far it appears to be mainly a Forever War riff (which itself riffs on…). My though, the font of the file in the Hugo packet is annoying me.

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