MCFI Says No Boston Bid for 2021

Massachusetts Convention Fandom, Inc. (MCFI) will not bid for the 2021 Worldcon the group announced today.

After researching our options, both in Boston and elsewhere in New England, MCFI (Massachusetts Convention Fandom, Inc.) was not able to find affordable, workable space for 2021. Reluctantly, MCFI has decided not to bid for the 2021 Worldcon.

-Rick Kovalcik, President MCFI

That leaves Dallas/Fort Worth in 2021 uncontested for the time being. The DFW bid is from the group that puts on the annual Fencon.

Update: I subsequently learned that Tim Miller announced at last year’s Worldcon the Dallas/Forth Worth in 2021 bid had ended because of the death of one of its contributors and the entrance of Boston into the race at that time.

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5 thoughts on “MCFI Says No Boston Bid for 2021

  1. Dallas / Fort Worth announced last year (at Worldcon or something) that they were folding the bid. Had something changed?

    P.S. BWAWA has already announced that with Boston folding they are jumping in to bid.

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  3. Michael Kennedy: I subsequently learned that when Helsinki asked Tim Miller this spring if he wanted a bid table at this year’s Worldcon, he termed that MACII announcement a statement that the bid had ended.

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