You Tarzan, Me Cheeta

Dave Locke reminisced on the Smofs list about the 1972 Westercon where Johnny Weissmuller, Jock Mahoney and virtually all of the extant Tarzan actors were present for a Burroughs-fan “Dum-Dum”:

I remember they all appeared on Carson‘s Tonight show that same weekend. Funniest thing, though, was Weissmuller drinking too much and, from the bar, cracking up most everyone in the hotel when he’d frequently give forth with his famous Tarzan “yell.”

Weissmuller is long gone, but Cheeta the Chimp who starred with him, remarkably is still alive. And he’s finally gotten around to writing his tell-all Hollywood autobiography, Me Cheeta.

Cheeta tells it all, a life lived with the stars, a monkey stolen from deepest Africa forced to make a living in the fake jungles of Hollywood.

At the age of 75, he is by far the oldest chimpanzee ever recorded.

Backdate: 7/18/2008: Put Dave’s story back the way he told it. Fined myself three bananas.

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One thought on “You Tarzan, Me Cheeta

  1. Not the 1975 NASFiC (that happened, but I wasn’t a part of it though I did show up for a couple of other things at the con). The 1972 Westercon XXV in Long Beach was what I was referring to. No Dum-Dum. Just the bar party…

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